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At Grace Dog Training & Behavior, we offer a variety of services developed over decades of experience in the dog training business. One of these great services is our Grace Dog Training & Behavior Board & Train Program.


What is this?

This is a powerful program based in modern, praise-based, gentle methods of training for brand new puppy families or families who haven’t had a puppy in a long time. This amazing program is ideal for puppy owners who find themselves saying

  • We finally got our perfect family dog from the breeder and want to ensure we’re setting them up for success
  • We want our new puppy to be a well mannered family dog to enjoy for the rest of his or her life
  • I don’t feel like I’m doing the right thing to set my puppy up for long term success
  • I would love guidance about how to best train my dog for my house
  • I need help being confident in what I’m doing with my puppy
  • We don’t know what we don’t know about this puppy process
  • You have the resources and desire to create the right foundation for your new puppy


What does the Grace Dog Training & Behavior Program accomplish?

This program gives your new puppy 2-weeks or 4-weeks of one-on-one, 24/7 training with Ana Melara, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer an APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers), IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) and TAGteach Advanced Certified with over 2 decades of dog training experience. This program allows you to set the most important foundational skills for your puppy to know, including:

  • Socialization – with people and with puppies and adult dogs
  • Foundation skills and basic manners such as sit, down, stay, walking politely on leash
  • Chewing on approved toys
  • Coming when called
  • Happy crate training

Additionally, all Board & Trains come with Transfer Training with Ana, so you can learn the ins and outs of all the new skills your puppy learned, and how to continue developing and growing those skills together.


What’s the investment?

Our package options include 2-week and 4-week options. The 2-week program investment is $4,500 and 4-week program is $9,000. *4-week packages can be split into 2 uses

How to get started

All Board & Train clients begin with a short Get To Know You call, followed by a 90-minute initial consultation, during which Ana will gain an understanding of your goals, household rules, household structure and more. Once the groundwork has been established, your training can begin!

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Sharing the Love

Creating a strong bond between you and your dog is what we live for.

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He is still becoming an amazing dog. He is a well-mannered family member and an amazing companion. Ana has guided us in so many ways and provides solid, real life advice and solutions. She is the reason I still have Booker – and for the incredible bond we have.

Dionne Cyca • Denver, CO

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