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Private Training with Ana Melara, CPDT-KA

Private dog training with an experienced trainer who understands how humans and how dogs learn, is a great way to learn what you need to support your dog in their learning journey. You and your dog are in your home environment and we are able to work together on a variety of behavioral challenges all face-to-face in person or on live video. Please get started by registering here:



Always Gentle, Always Kind

When you come to us for training, you and your dogs will always be treated with great kindness and respect. Training will be fun. We do not believe in using intimidation, pain or threats. We promise you that we will never use harsh corrections, a choke chain, a pinch or a shock collar on your dog, ever. If your dog is exhibiting fear, resource guarding, aggression towards people, aggression towards other dogs or other animals, separation anxiety, not coming when called or other challenging behaviors, let’s talk.


Let’s Get Started

Please fill out the following Private session Registration Form. Soon your dog training challenges will be behind you. Once you get started with a training package, you will have access to our online community and weekly group Zoom dog training sessions for the duration of your package. Benefit forever by re-visiting our sessions that are recorded just for you.

We make Training Packages that work with your schedule. You can train in person, on Zoom or both. We make it easy.


Initial Training Session

Your first step will be to fill out our detailed questionnaire. Once we have reviewed it, we will start with a 90-minute initial session for assessment and training. We will then create a training plan and agree on a training package to fit your needs and budget. Whether you see Ana for training in person or remotely, we ask that you send video of your training practice sessions at home. You will also have access to Ana and her training team via text and email for support in between our virtual Zoom sessions or in person learning.

90 Minutes $300

Training Packages

Our 12 session package includes a special bonus: Includes free monthly membership package to our group Zoom Q&A troubleshooting for the duration of your package.

6 Sessions $1,050

8 Sessions $1,340

12 Sessions $2,000

Sharing the Love

Creating a strong bond between you and your dog is what we live for.

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Ana made sense out of the chaos. She developed a program appropriate for this particular dog and his specific issues. She has been available every step of the way to progress him to each new level.

Lori Hansen • Denver, CO

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