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This program requires dedication and time with a minimum 2 year commitment, and offers continued support throughout the lifetime of the dog. Whether helping you choose the dog/puppy or supporting an existing service dog, below are some of the ways we help our clientele.



  • Brace and mobility
  • Retrieving items like medication
  • Picking up dropped items
  • Bringing in groceries and carrying items
  • Physical pressure training
  • Daily task support including turning lights on and off, waking up, medication support, pulling wheelchairs, holding doors, opening and closing doors
  • Supporting getting dressed and undressed and assisting with laundry
  • PTSD support, including
    • hypervigilance support
    • Medication reminders
    • Navigating to an exit or other predetermined location
    • Finding the car in a parking lot
    • Hug on cue

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A fully trained service dog through Grace Dog Training & Behavior begins at $20,000 and upward. Payment plans are available as needed. Services range from training a few specific tasks to puppy selection and lifetime service training.

Ready to get started? Schedule a call to tell us more about you. From there, we offer a strategy meeting to outline the options and best course of action for your specific needs.


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Whether someone wants to compete in agility, learn to address their dog’s aggression issues, or just have a great family companion, Ana can help to look at the big picture and address all issues that are contributing to the end goal.

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