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Online Training with Ana Melara, CPDT-KA

Through our virtual training, we’re able to not only save everyone travel time and some money, but also keep everyone safe, healthy and socially distanced.

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Benefits of this service:

  • Free Membership to our online community and weekly group zoom training sessions for the duration of your package
  • Benefit forever by re-visiting our sessions that are recorded just for you
  • Training Packages that work with your schedule and make training, wherever you are, as easily accessible as possible!

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Initial Training Session

Your first step will be to fill out our detailed questionnaire. Once we have reviewed it, we will start with a 90-minute initial session for assessment and training. We will then create a training plan and agree on a training package to fit your needs and budget.

We will have you send us videos of your training sessions at home and you will also have access to Ana and her training team via text and email for support in between our virtual Zoom sessions.

90 Minutes $300


Training Packages

Our 12 session package includes a special bonus: Includes free monthly membership package to our group Zoom Q&A troubleshooting for the duration of your package.

6 Sessions $1,050

8 Sessions $1,340

12 Sessions $2,000

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Creating a strong bond between you and your dog is what we live for.

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My dog was great with the kids (even when they were running around with silly string and screaming!) and just laid there on his mat with his chewy with everyone eating around him! I was soooo happy and he got so many compliments!

Lisa Avram and Boxcar

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