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The Kramers' dog

Ana has a way with dogs, her kindness and human methods are creative and effective. I love the fact I could throw that terrible choker away and have a more humane way of teaching my dog right from wrong. Her methods are not the sort of things you would find in any book widely available to the public.

Ana is precise and in control as are her three dogs Grace, Argos, and Meg. They are an inspiration to me and my dog. A true testimonial to what can be achieved by learning how to have great human-dog communication skills. Our dogs are trying to tell us something, we just need to learn what they are saying. Ana is straight to the point and honest no bushes to beat around, just the facts.

Her no fluff approach has been a huge asset to our family, and the mental health of our dog. I only wish we would of started sooner. I trust Ana implicitly with the development of our dog and our family relationship with our dog. I really can’t describe the huge effect she has had on our home. Ana has helped us turn our dog into an asset for our family, rather than the liability we feared she was becoming. Thank you Ana for saving our family, we love you.

Ryan Kramer and Phara Williams-Kramer • Denver, CO

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