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I have known Ana for several years, and we have taught many classes, workshops and seminars together. If I were looking for a class to attend or for personal help with one of my dogs, Ana is the first person I would call.

She takes the time to understand the needs of both the dogs and their people which is necessary for a successful outcome. Ana is great at reading dogs, and can pick up on the subtle signs that most people miss. She is a great listener and an effective communicator with both dogs and people. A trainer who is great with dogs but can’t coach the people how to work with their own dogs is not going to provide lasting long-term results. She can help people teach their dogs the basic skills such as come, stay and leash walking but she also understands that helping people learn to use these cues effectively in everyday life is even more important.

Whether someone wants to compete in agility, learn to address their dog’s aggression issues, or just have a great family companion, Ana can help to look at the big picture and address all issues that are contributing to the end goal. She understands that there are often factors affecting the issue that might seem unrelated but are really quite relevant. She addresses the entire picture which results in the most effective program for success.

Sue Brown, MNM, CDBC, CPDT
Certified Dog Behavior Consultant
Certified Pet Dog Trainer
Love My Dog Training
Denver, CO

Sue Brown, MNM, CDBC, CPDT

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